What are CrowdCredits?

CrowdCredits, the Social Currency of Crowdfunding, are a powerful way to tap the collective influence of the Crowd to gauge a Project’s popularity. CrowdCredits enable CF4ALL registered users to go beyond a simple (vs binary) “like” and give projects their qualified endorsement. The more CrowdCredits a Project receives , the higher they rank in CF4ALL search results. Projects that receive the most CrowdCredits — along with other measures of support — will be showcased on the CF4ALL home page under “Trending Projects.”

Earning CrowdCredits

Visitors earn CrowdCredits every time they use CF4ALL as well the many other platforms and sites that are part of the CF4ALL network. Each user’s CrowdCredits balance is a reflection of his or her level of activity, knowledge, credibility and therefore potential influence in the CrowdFunding community. Accumulating - and using - CrowdCredits boosts your role as a thought leader and influencer in the community - based on the volume of CrowdCredits you’ve earned and donated over your lifetime as a CF4ALL member.

Examples of Activity Where CrowdCredits are Earrned

  • Initial registration on CF4ALL
  • Each daily login to CF4ALL
  • Additional Actions and Searching on the CF4ALL site
  • Each Click-thru from CF4ALL to a project on a Crowdfunding Platform site
  • Viewing Projects and other info on Participating Platform sites

Using CrowdCredits

CF4ALL registered users show just how much they like a Project by how many CrowdCredits they allocate to it.